If the air in your car is drying out your throat, nasal passages, and skin, a car essential oil diffuser can make a big difference. It is particularly helpful in the car when the air naturally holds less moisture and bad smells, but they can be used when you are driving.

3 Fragrances to choose 😍

✅ Lavender

✅ Ginger Lilly

✅ Osmanthus

This lovely essential oil in the tank will bring you joy of aromatherapy while driving.

✅ Say goodbye to that stinky smell and keep your car smelling fresh always!

✅ This Car Air Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser bring the comfortable and clean air inside your car.

✅ It releases a fresh smell making your car smell like brand new!

✅ It's small and has a fashionable design with five essential oils you can choose from, making it perfect for car use.

You might need to wait 3-5 mins for mist the first time you use the item.

Package includes:
1x Car Aromatherapy Diffuser 
2x Sponges